Food you’ll never forget

At Gather & Eat, we are passionate about creating beautiful food for any occasion. Whether it’s an intimate dinner with your loved ones or hosting a dazzling party, we’re all about helping you serve something special that will leave you and your guests beaming.

 Our experienced and talented bunch of chefs work hard to create delicious and exciting food made from quality ingredients. The kind of food that makes you want to go back for seconds! And nobody misses out, as we can easily adapt our menus to your specific dietary needs and preferences.

We make food that people want to eat.

Gather & Eat pride ourselves on tailoring our service to match your vision, creating something unique and memorable, making your event extra special and one you won’t forget.

Sit Down Share Feasts

One of the simplest joys in life is the wonderful act of sharing food. Our delicious array of plates, designed to be shared, will create a delectable and memorable feast for you and your guests.

Finer Dining

For those more formal occasions, choose from our menu of thoughtfully created plated dishes made by our talented team.


Standing room only? Bite sized, substantial or sweet, our selection of canapes will hit the spot while you’re busy mingling.

Grazing & Food Stations

Impress your guest with one of our boutique grazing tables or food stations. With a range of styles and options to choose from with guaranteed (and complimentary) wow factor.

Home Delivery

Dine at a fancy restaurant in the comfort of your own home. High quality meals delivered to your door ready to reheat and serve. We do the slaving over a hot stove for you so that you don’t have to.

Boho Picnics

Make your boho picnic dreams come true with our hand-crafted low tables, big cushions and rugs. We have different packages to suit all budgets and a range of grazing platters to feast on.

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