Founder and director

With ten years’ experience in the hospitality industry, both in the kitchen and front of house, Kirsty’s passion for food and entertaining began long before. Back home in the UK, she was always hosting large dinner parties for her parents and their guests. So, it only seems natural that this love of entertaining has developed into her own catering company Gather & Eat!

A qualified dietician, Kirsty’s career has taken her from being a private chef and dietician through to being a healthy recipe developer for Mexican fast food chain Zambrero. Her love of health and nutrition shines through all of her cooking, and she thrives on helping people live a healthy life filled with delicious food!

Kirsty loves to travel as much as she loves to eat! She believes one of the best and most inspiring ways to experience different cultures is through the food. We couldn’t agree more!


Operational manager and director

Born and bred in Sydney, Luke has years of customer service and operation management experience under his belt. He’s worked in a number of different fields, from food service to running his own car detailing business.

Building strong customer relations comes naturally to Luke, he is a people person and loves a good chat. And his keen eye for detail and critical thinking always means that any job he does will be executed to perfection. Well, he is a perfectionist!

Luke knows this city like the back of his hand, therefore you can always count on him to systematically coordinate all of our catering deliveries and events so that they are always on time and without error.

Luke’s down to earth nature shines through outside of work also, he loves nothing more than going on a road trip and getting out in nature with Kirsty and their fur baby Macy.


Executive Chef

Francesca’s cooking career has spanned over two decades, taking her from her hometown of Kaikoura, New Zealand, to all corners of the globe. Food has always been her obsession and her mind (and stomach!) is never far from it.

Her love for food began long before she became a chef. Her parents were both amazing cooks and food was a big part of family life. As a child, she was always happiest when in the kitchen, so it seems only natural that she has progressed to a career surrounded by food!

Travel is another love of Francesca’s, food being the main motivator of where she travels to (we told you she’s obsessed!). Her happiest memories have been the meals she’s eaten abroad and have greatly influenced her creatively when she’s back home in her kitchen.

Francesca has a great respect for how food is grown and treated. She is deeply driven by cooking with wholesome ingredients especially ones that have been grown organically and ethically. She believes that the happiest way to bring people together is by sharing good food.


Head chef

Laura’s ten year career as a chef has covered a lot of ground. Starting out at the Old Trafford Football Ground in Manchester, UK, she was quickly poached by Simon Rimmer of the famous Greens Vegetarian Café. From there she worked in a number of British gastro pubs before developing a passion for healthy living and a keen interest in nutrition and fitness.

Laura’s active lifestyle led her to opening the UK’s famous healthy fast food restaurant Kettlebell Kitchen, where her amazing organisational and creative skills were put to practice, by developing all of the menus and recruiting and training over 30 chefs!

Laura loves food and she loves to eat! One of her many talents, is to take unhealthy foods and evolving their recipes to create nutrient dense and equally tasty meals, without the guilt!

Laura has two loves in life. Frankie her gorgeous Beagliar dog. And chilli! Out of the two, we’re not sure which she loves more!

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